# Credits

A large number of people from around the world contributed their expertise on short notice to make this possible.

# Data & Map

Data was compiled by Nathan Ruser (OSINT / Australia) & Abraham Leung (Hong Kong).

# Awareness Video

# Film

Scripting by Pi Ko and Andrew Leung (梁敬熙). Filming by 梁敬熙. Script was reviewed by Dr Kathy Chan and another doctor that prefers to remain anonymous, as well as people in the Telegram WuFlu Monitoring channel.

Acting by Manu Kamerbeek, Flavia Trotolo, Sylvain Zong-Naba, Isabella Stratta, Donald Chow,and Mica & Sol Sanchez Pulverini.

# Localizations

# English

Voice over recorded by Jason Liu (廖康晉).

# 粵語 / 繁體中文 (Cantonese / Traditional Chinese)

Translation by 梁敬熙 (Andrew Leung) and 廖康晉 (Jason Liu). Voice over by 方雅雯 (Lauren Fong).

# 漢語、普通話 / 简体中文 (Mandarin / Simplified Chinese)

Translation by 王睿哲 (Ruizhe Wang), 莫若幸 (Monica Mok), and 郭紫欣 (Elena Guo). Voice over by 郭紫欣 (Elena Guo).

# 한국말 (Korean)

Translation by 김유진 (Yujin Kim) and 문초아 (Choa Mun).

# ภาษาไทย (Thai)

Translation and voice over by Nunnapas (Mamaew) Temridiwong & Mint Lerdprapapong.

# Tagalog (Filipino)

Translation by Liz Franco, Maryam Abu Khaleel, and Luisa Castro. Voice over by Liz Franco.

# Español (Spanish)

Translated and voice over by Manu Kamerbeek (Argentina).

# Portuguese (Portugues)

Translated and voice over by Pedro Santalucia (Brazil).

# Italiano (Italian)

Translated and voice over by Flavia Trotolo.

# اللغة العربية (Arabic)

Translated by Ahmed Abdallah Mohammed (Egypt) and Tarek AlSolame.

# монгол Mongolian

Translated by Б. Энгүн (Engun Bayasgalan).

# Hebrew

Translation by Dafna Bar Lev

# Sinhala

Translation and voice over by සුතිර ද සිල්වා (Suthira de Silva)

# Amharic

Translation by ሳሚያ (Samiya Mehammed)

# Sesotho

Translation and voice over by Ithabeleng Makhetha

# Finnish

Translation by Aino Hämäläinen

# Deutsch (German)

Translation by Leyla Soysal, Masha Wille, and Luzie Hugger.

# Russian

Translation by Eraj Uzoqov.

# Dalen Tetun

Translation by Justo Martins Freitas & Dolores Moniz Soares.

# Japanese

Translation by 沼本宜子 Noriko Numamoto, 荒木創吾 Sogo Araki, and 植村ゆり香 Yurika Uemura. Voice over by 荒木創吾 Sogo Araki.

# Bahasa Indonesia

Translation and voice over by Cipto Yuwono.

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