# Our Story

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus was first discovered in Dec 2019. By the time information was publicly available in mid-January, the virus had already been spread throughout China and a number of cases was confirmed around the world. Localized transmission outside the China is still rare. However, the threat of a new infectious disease and lack of reliable information has caused panic in many communities.

We are a group of young people from Hong Kong. We recognized that the threat of 2019-nCoV as real, and that there are actions that we are uniquely able to take. Hong Kongers grew up with the memory of SARS, a similar coronavirus from 2003. As a city of the world, we fluently access info in both English and Chinese; we are often polyglot in additional languages and have networks that span the globe. In the past year, we learnt to cut through misinformation campaigns, mobilizing quickly, creatively to get things done, and take hits while improving iteratively.

In the past two weeks we worked feverishly (😅) to script, film, edit, translate, and publish videos in 15+ languages, while consulting experts and medical professionals at every step to ensure the information is accurate. (We are working on providing timely translations and supporting material too, but we are a small group with $0 budget, so please bear with us.)

We hope our videos can

  1. help different communities to be prepared, and
  2. foster a sense of cooperation.

A global challenge requires a global response. An unknown disease creates fear, and fear often incites discrimination of the Other. Western populists incite hate upon Asians, Asian populists go after Chinese, and Chinese shun the Hubei folks. At some point it will feel natural to follow the tide of xenophobic emotions, and we ask you to have the courage to go against this and speak up for what is both morally right and strategically sound. Many things we cannot control, but our actions we can.

The World stood with Hong Kong, and Hong Kong stands with the world.

J (convener)

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